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Download our stretching routines that you can do at home between your routine visits. Demonstrations of all stretches can be found on our YouTube channel.

Computer & Desk Stretches

Sitting at a computer for long periods is a repetitive stress and often causes neck. shoulder, and lower back stiffness and pain. Do these stretches every hour throughout the day, when you feel stiff.

Neck, Shoulders & Arm

Many people carry stress in their neck and shoulder area. This stretching routine will help with that problem. Do these stretches throughout the day. Breathe deeply and relax.

Lower Back

These stretches are designed to relieve muscular tension in the lower and middle back. For best results do them daily or multiples times daily. If any stretch is painful, proceed with caution.

Stretch comfortably after a light warm-up of walking in place or riding a stationary bike for 2-3 minutes. Remember to stretch with control as you gradually limber up. Relax and breathe rhythmically.

After Sitting Stretches

The sitting position causes blood to pool in the lower legs and feet, the hamstrings to tighten, and the back and neck to tighten. These stretches will improve your circulation and loosen up these areas.

Hands, Wrist & Forearm

Stretches for the hands, wrists and forearms. Follow this routine to counteract repetitive stress to these areas. If any stretch is painful, proceed with caution or consult us for a modified stretch.